Candle making supplies

Our company provides all the necessary needs for the production of candles on a small, non-industrial scale.

Making candles could be a fantastic activity inside non-commercial businesses such as: healthcare institutions, retirement homes or schools. Also more and more non-industrial commercial candle makers do know how to find us nowadays. We supply all the products needed for the small scale production of candles.


From pit to candle... At SELLACQ-Holland you are at the right place for all your requirements for making candles and soap.

We supply the raw materials such as paraffin (also known as cast wax or dipping wax), stearic acid, wicks, color pigments and various perfumes, but also all equipment such as various wax melters and mold cleaners. Of course we offer the necessary variation in molds, silicone rubber, decorative wax, modeling wax, (photo) transfers and much more.

  • GrondstoffenRaw materials
  • PittenWicks
  • WaxpittenPre-waxed wicks
  • BuitenpittenOutdoor wicks
  • HulpmiddelenTools
  • GietvormenMolds
  • Kleuren & GeurenColors & Fragrances
  • ApparatuurEquipment


Sharing knowledge... In addition to supplying the supplies, we are happy to help you with the many possibilities that the making of candles has to offer. In our catalog a lot of additional information is given about the processing of our products. We are happy to keep you informed of new articles, fun techniques or other developments. Keep an eye on our blogs. Of course we also provide Workshops: you can do this with us in the showroom, or with your team in your own candle factory!


Customized equipment... Planning a new building or renovation? SELLACQ-Holland has already set up numerous workspaces with high quality equipment. And with proven success, because in many cases the equipment has lasted for more than 15 years!