SELLACQ-Holland supports innovative solutions and offers expert advice on the use of paraffin, related products and various additives for various industrial applications.

Versatile product... Paraffin is an incredibly versatile product and is therefore used in various industries. We provide companies such as beauty salons, sawmills, cardboard factories, concrete factories, toy manufacturers, shipbuilders, laboratories and dance schools of a (unique) solution for various purposes.

Customization... We also focus on offering custom-made applications such as the production and delivery of:

  • various additives (based on gel wax, PEG or Polyethylene glycol)
  • fluxes based on paraffin or stearin
  • smoke wicks
  • hand wash wax
  • paraffin powder for floor washing
  • spray installation for spraying paraffin or wax

Unprecedented potential... Our products often have multiple applications and it is impossible to come up with this in advance. For example, the color pigment used for coloring candles can also be used for processing hotmelts and, for example, for coloring glue or plastics.
Are you looking for a solution for spraying, impregnating, coloring, perfuming, protecting, sealing, preserving, dipping or waxing? Do not hesitate to contact us to discover the possibilities.