FPP-Wax Total Solutions

By means of the further developed FPP-Wax and the tuned equipment, SELLACQ-Holland has a wax processing concept that allows customers worldwide to sell the wax-decorated products.

Although decorating with wax seems pretty simple, there is a lot involved. However, with the right raw materials in combination with the appropriate equipment, we achieve the perfect result together with you.

The right wax is the basis. Characteristic features such as coverage, color rendering, pour point and flexibility are essential. For convenience we have managed to summarize these properties in 1 ready-to-use product. This way we make it easy for you!

For the processing of the wax we have various bulk melting kettles with a capacity of 200, 320 or 800 liters. We have also developed some unique immersion solutions that contribute to achieving a perfect result.


Want to know more about the possibilities for your application? Please contact us to make an appointment, we will be happy to help you!